Welcome to Orleans Marine Services Sdn Bhd

  Marine and Offshore Consultation and Training Education

Services offered are:


  1. New shipbuilding/Refurb/Repair - Consultancy from bidding to Technical requirement
  2. New shipbuilding/Refurb/Repair - Project Management Team/ Site Supervision
  3. New shipbuilding/Refurb/Repair - Drawing approval team
  4. New shipbuilding/Refurb/Repair - Post delivery services
  5. Ship Drydocking- Consultancy
  6. Ship Drydocking- Spec data building into drydocking software application of REFMAN
  7. Ship Drydocking- Execution at yard
  8. Marine Offshore Transportation& Installation (T&I)- Consultancy
  9. Marine Offshore Transportation& Installation (T&I)- Document Approval
  10. Marine Offshore Transportation& Installation (T&I)- Marine Warranty Survey @ Yard
  11. Marine Offshore Transportation& Installation (T&I)- Marine Warranty Survey @ Offshore
  12. FPSO/FSO- Naval Consultancy
  13. FPSO/FSO- Naval and Marine Analysis
  14. FPSO/FSO- Operation Consultancy
  15. FPSO/FSO (Marine)- Maintenance/ Procurement Consultancy
  16. FPSO/FSO (Marine)- Asset Integrity Survey/Audit/ISM
  17. FPSO/FSO - Life Extension Survey
  18. LNG Carrier- Operation/Maintenance /Procurement
  19. LNG Carrier- Cargo Tank containment (No.96 and Mark III) Consultancy
  20. Cargo Tank Demucking – Consultancy
  21. Cargo Tank Demucking – PMT
  22. Marine Training- Malaysia Marine Department approved certificates
  23. Manpower supply (Marine& Naval)
  24. Vessel surveys- suitability, off hire, on hire..etc
  25. Third party factory acceptance test(FAT)
  26. Third party inspection services
  27. Marine Product agency
  28. Development of Marine and Oil & Gas Training Syllabus
  29. Marine and Oil & Gas training - to suit client requirements and policies
  30. Marine Training for seafarers under STCW approved by Malaysia Marine Department
  31. Ship Delivery Services - Provision of Management Team & Seafarers
  32. OVID Inspection - Provision of Ovid Inspector
  33. Loss & Adjusting Survey 
  34. Coating consultation /inspection for all type of ships and floaters i.e FSO, FPSO, FLNG         system- NACE, IMM Certified Inspectors
  35. Coating inspection tools (Digital) for rental i.e. DFT, Profile, Salt Test Kit, Dew Point
  36. IOAIA - Audit for offshore facilities.
  37. Ship inspection at worldwide ie Americas and Europe thru our partnership with VARUNA MARINE SERVICES, NETHERLAND
  38. Leisure boat Pre-purchase, Condition Survey for buyer/ broker




With vast experience in Marine and Oil & Gas industries, we foresee the company having a great role in positioning up itself in the industry.


We believe that, with the right blends of professional, financing and technology as well as exemplary conduct, we will achieve our vision to be the leading company with diversified portfolio in domestic and international level.


Our joint venture with a private higher learning institution known as Octagon Petroleum Technology  (OPT), has brought together a tremendous synergy within Marine, Petroleum and Energy section. OPT is an approved institution by Ministry of education formerly known as Ministry of Higher Learning and Malaysia Marine Department.

The vision of the college is to become the leader in Marine and Energy Facilities engineering.


Since the core capabilities of the company are Marine, Naval Architecture, Marine& Mechanical Engineering and Facilities engineering, Orleans Marine Services has been preaching Marine, Naval Architecture, Marine & Mechanical engineering capability development since the beginning so that we can be the chosen service provider in Marine, Oil and Gas industry which is the most lucrative industry in the world.


Detail of Core Business and Services offered are highlighted in the next section as we believe this will meet your demand of services. We at Orleans Marine Services are always open for views and any suggestion to improve our quality of services offered to our clients.